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Deluxe Vivid Facial>

Deluxe Vivid Facial #

The luxurious facial follows the same process as our VIVID facial, starts with 15 min stress reduction back massage. The aesthetician will concentrates on a visible condition of the skin, offering a renewed, firmer and refined appearance 1hour &15min -$125

Vitamin C Facial>

Vitamin C Facial #

An intencive1hour facial suitable for men and women. It helps to stimulate cellular activity nourishes skin, firms and relaxes fine lines and wrinkles. 1hour &15min -$130

Refresher Facial>

Refresher Facial #

A great boost in-between full facial treatment. Perfect for men and teens. Includes, facial cleansing, exfoliation, masking and a protective moisturizer. 35min -$50

Glycolic Peel Treatment>

Glycolic Peel Treatment #

Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne, uneven pigment, and make the skin more radiant, vibrant, and younger looking. 30min -$50

Vivid Deep Hydration Facial>

Vivid Deep Hydration Facial #

High performance hydrating facial smoothies and softens the skin, including the double hydrating mask with a express hand care 1hour -$100

Optimizer Anti-Aging Treatment>

Optimizer Anti-Aging Treatment #

Lifting and firming facial the power of Botanical peptides helps boost collagen production and slows the destruction of existing collagen fibers. *For all aging skin types, especially those with lack of elasticity, wrinkles and dehydration. The result is visibly younger-looking, firmer, and smoother skin with redefined facial contours. 1hour &15min-$125

Men Express Facial>

Men Express Facial #

Healthy glow treatment Start with Aromatic compress, facial cleansing, exfoliating, face neck and chest massage and protective moisturizer. Short facial treatment and accessible to everyone A Yon-Ka discovery treatment Skin’s radiance and relaxation Introduces the aromas of Yon-Ka 35min-$50

Collagen Facial Treatment>

Collagen Facial Treatment #

The collagen molecules penetrates into your skin to retard aging, color tone, recover loss of firmness and elasticity, enhance moisture level, oxygenate, oxidize and protect natural skin collagen. In just one treatment your skin will look younger and suppler. 1hour &15min-$125

Diamond Treatment Microdermabration>

Diamond Treatment Microdermabration #

Diamond microdermabrasion relies on suction in combination with the diamond tips to exfoliate the skin. With different suction levels, it has the added benefit of stimulating the production of COLLAGEN production and increasing blood flow to the skin. The treatment is able to offer fast improvements for skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars and uneven skin tone. 45min-$150


Massages #

Vivid Full Body Massage>

Vivid Full Body Massage #

A therapeutic treatment designed to promote relaxation, improve circulation, relieve muscle tension and reduce stress leaving the body and mind balanced. 60min-$90 90min-$120

Sports Massage>

Sports Massage #

Sports Massage is a special form of massage and is typically used before, during, and after athletic activities. The purpose of the massage is to prepare the athlete for peak performance, to drain away fatigue, to relieve swelling, to reduce muscle tension, to promote flexibility and to prevent injuries. 60min-$100 90min-$135

Reflexology Massage>

Reflexology Massage #

Reflexology works on the principle that all your organs are represented in the feet, Using a thumbing technique on these points can help rebalance the system and obtain harmony of the mind. 30min-$45 60min-$75

Pregnancy Massage>

Pregnancy Massage #

Massage is healthful and enjoyable during a normal pregnancy. It can relieve pain in your muscles and joints that must support added and redistributed weight. It also relieves physical and emotional tension, helps you sleep better and boosts energy, your massage therapist will want to know about your general health and your pregnancy. Give as much information as you can. We want your experience to be completely comfortable. 60min-$95

Lymph Drainage Massage>

Lymph Drainage Massage #

A gentle treatment designed to improve the activity of the lymph-vascular system, by increasing the movement of lymph and interstitial fluids. This stimulates lymph production as well as lymph Anglo activity, which has been proven to enhance circulation of the entire system. 60min-$95

Stress Reduction Treatment>

Stress Reduction Treatment #

A specially concentrated back, neck and shoulder massage to relieve tension and tightness where the day’s stress tends to build. After this massage, you can take on the world again 30min-$55